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6 Creative Uses for Frontpoint Sensors

Rarely do Frontpoint reviews mention it, but, door and window sensors from the best home security companies can have many non-traditional applications.

Many top-rated security systems support non-reporting devices. This means that the sensor can be set up so it will activate the chime feature when opened. In addition, it can send an alert signal through your Frontpoint App. The mobile app will let you check out your Frontpoint Cameras right on your smart phone.

Some alternative sensor uses are:

Gun Safe - Place a sensor on your gun cabinet for extra peace of mind. This will provide a second layer of protection. Just set the sensor in "report-only" mode. That way, if someone finds the code or key, the you’ll get an alert on the Frontpoint Mobile App you when your cabinet is accessed.

Liquor and Medicine Cabinets- Your Frontpoint Alarm system can also help you keep an eye on the contents of your liquor and medicine cabinets. You set schedules in your Frontpoint app which will even notify you when the cabinet has not been opened by the pre-selected time. This will help ensure that important medications are being taken on time.

Hazardous Materials- Take an extra step to protect your family from an accidental poisoning. Install contacts on any cabinet within a child's reach that might contain harmful or toxic materials.

Tool Shed- If the tool shed is located within the range of the hub of your Frontpoint Home Security system, a sensor can be placed on the door of your tool shed as well. In some situations, it may require special outdoor sensors to deal with extreme temperatures and the elements. Not only can it send a signal to your phone, but it can also activate a Frontpoint Outdoor Camera, so you can see what is happening.

Mailbox- Wouldn’t it be nice to know if mail has been delivered? Door/window sensors can be placed on the mailbox to let you know.

Pool Gate - Outdoor pools can be a potential source of danger. Especially for families with young children. An outdoor sensor can keep you apprised of the status of a pool gate.

Outdoor applications may require more robust sensors. Mounting on some surfaces can be difficult and make sure the sensor is close enough to get a good signal.

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