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CPI Security Arming Modes

OFF --  Your CPI Home Security system will still chime if a door or window is opened - even if the system is turned off. In addition,  your CPI Security InTouch App will still be functional. Critical environmental and life security systems (i.e. water or very low temperatures ) are active 24/7.

Stay-  You are able to arm just the doorways and windows by arming your CPI Security system in the "stay" mode.   This will allow you to move about the home freely.

Away-  The away mode will activate any interior motion detectors in addition to the doors and windows.

Instant -- You can eliminate the entry delay in your CPI Security system by activating the instant mode.

Duress -  A special duress code can be set up to notify the CPI tracking center that there is a possible hostage situation.  If a person were to physically force you to disarm the system, this special code will trigger an immediate emergency response. There is no additional CPI Security cost for this feature. It is included in the CPI Security pricing.

Panic - Most CPI Home Security systems are equipped with emergency panic buttons.  When depressed, these will alert the CPI Central Station of an occupied panic emergency.  They are designated for Police, Fire and Medical emergencies.  The CPI Alarrm monitoring station will immediately dispatch the appropriate authorities and then call to verify the emergency.

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