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How do I know if marijuana is legal in Texas?

Is marijuana legal in Texas? – Back in the year 2019, the state of Texas decriminalized some forms of the cannabis plant; however, not all forms of it received this treatment. Because of this, there are some marijuana prosecution cases in the state that have been thrown into states of confusion. Depending on the specific area in which you currently reside, enforcing these laws can vary.

Is marijuana legal in Texas? Under Texas state law, it remains illegal to either possess or use marijuana, which has been the case since 1931, with recreational marijuana users able to be charged with fines of more than $1,000 and possible jail time. The only thing that has changed since last year is the fact that hemp is now considered to be different from marijuana. Ever since the change in the law, prosecutors have dropped hundreds of pending charges involving marijuana. Furthermore, many prosecutors have also declined to pursue any new charges due to not having the necessary resources in order to detect the precise THC content that is present in a substance – making it very difficult to prove that a cannabis substance is actually marijuana.

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