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Protecting Your Alert 360 Smart Home From Hackers

Research the Device

If you are adding 3rd party smart home devices to your Central Security Group System, make sure that you purchase the equipment from reputable companies that follow standard security protocols and best practices. Quality smart devices will require password protection, one or two-step authentication and offer frequent over the air firmware and security updates.

Register the Equipment
Be sure to register each device, not only for warranty purposes – but to ensure that you are receiving any firmware updates. Updates will typically include additional features and will also address any known security issues.

Pay Attention to Passwords
It is important to change the default passwords. Use a mixture of letters, cases, numbers, and symbols that would be difficult to guess.
Also, different passwords should be used for each smart device. This prevents a digital intruder from access to all your sensitive accounts if your password for one is compromised.

Create a Secure Wi-Fi Network

To keep hackers from disarming your Central Security Group system, it is crucial to protect your entire home network. Begin by changing the name of the network and default password. Pick a network name that doesn’t include your address or any personal details.
You can set up a Wi-Fi network specifically for your smart home appliances. This will make it more difficult for hackers to access the network where you do your banking and store your sensitive information.

Consider Professional Installation
If this sounds like more than you wish to tackle, get professional installation. The technicians should be able to help you incorporate some more advanced security measures.

Reset to Factory Default Settings
Before you dispose of, sell or give away any smart devices, make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to remove all of your data.

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