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What is the Best Size for a Commercial Waste Dumpster

Spring cleaning is just around the corner and if you are one of the thousands of people embracing Marie Kondo’s KonMari approach, then you may be throwing out more than you normally would this spring! Whether you are tackling a big spring cleaning project, demolition, home renovation, or landscaping overhaul, you are going to need a way to haul away debris and waste. Have no fear, Christensen Recycling is here with a variety of clean, affordable dumpsters to help you with your residential clean-out needs!

If you are a DIY veteran, you probably already have some idea of what type of dumpster you will need, but if you are tackling your first major project or this is your first serious large-scale spring cleaning project, you may have no idea what size dumpster you need. Have no fear, our friendly customer service representatives can help you determine what you need to get the job done. One thing they will help you understand is that, when it comes to dumpsters, bigger is not necessarily better. Larger dumpsters require a larger space to put them and might not fit at every yard. In addition, the biggest dumpsters are 8.5 feet tall, which means you need special equipment to load them, making them not the best choice for most home improvement-type projects.

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