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Brinks Home Security Reviews Unique Sensor Uses

Brinks Home Security sensors can be used for many other things besides just contacting doors and windows.

Many top-rated home alarm systems can be set up so that specific door or window sensors function as non-reporting devices.  With this configuration, the magnetic sensors will only activate the chime and send an alert signal through your Brinks Security Systems App -without activating any alarm.  The mobile app will let you check out your Brinks Security Cameras right on your smartphone.

Brinks Security Systems -Optional Sensor Applications

Some less traditional sensor uses might be:

Gun Safe - Mounting a Brinks Home Security sensor on your gun cabinet will provide a second layer of protection.  That way, if someone gets into your gun cabinet, you will be notified.

Liquor and Medicine Cabinets- Your Brinks Home Alarm system can also help with monitoring the contents of your liquor and medicine cabinets.  

Hazardous Materials- Prevent an accidental poisoning.  Mount Brinks alarm system contacts on any cabinet that a youngster might be able to reach that might contain harmful or toxic materials.

Tool Shed- If the tool shed is close enough to the control panel of your Brinks Home Security system, a sensor can be mounted in the tool shed door. You should inquire about special outdoor sensors to deal with extreme temperatures and the elements.

Mailbox- No need to wonder if mail has been delivered.  Brinks alarm system door/window sensors can be placed on the mailbox to let you know.

Pool Gate - Families with young children should be extra careful if they have a swimming pool. An outdoor sensor on the gate can let you know when someone accesses the pool area.

Keep in mind, outdoor applications may require more robust sensors. In addition,