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Diary of Sia Nas #66: Danger Zone, It's My Birthday, Annelise Worn, Great Aust Pods, Willie Nelson

It's my birthday and I'll wear a tiara if I want to, and I want to! hahahah This week was about business and networking where I connect with influential businesswoman Annelise Worn. I have been learning how to mix and master my music and on my journey I have dealt with indecision and overthinking!

On Saturday night I watched this awesome documentary about country music that featured Willie Nelson so I have been getting into his music.

Make-up wise I bought the exclusive Peppermint Frost palette by Jeffree Star (which is why my cheeks are gleaming on the thumbnail and video) and got the Amrezy palette from Anastasia.

Beat of the Week is Danger Zone.

My quote of the week - If we're all going to die might as well look good - Sia Nas

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