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The Five Safest Investments For 2019 (GUARANTEED INCOME!)

So you're looking for a place to put for money that will be the safest investment for 2019 and beyond. Look no further, this video will explain the safe investments that you can make in order to have guaranteed income(or as close as it gets to guaranteed).

They say that when you're young you should be more aggressive with your investments as if anything happens to the market you will have plenty of time to recover and you won't have to worry because as long as you're smart about it, the market almost always goes back up.

Then as you get older you want to start making safer and safer choices with your investments and diversify them. This will likely cause your total amount of income to go down, yes, but it will also save you in case a stock market crash happens right when you're supposed to retire.

When it comes to investing for beginners you need to keep in mind that 99% of normal investors and 95% of hedge fund managers can't beat the average return of a basic S&P 500 index fund over a 10 year period, so it's important to not try to beat the market unless you REALLY know what you're doing. Sticking with safe investments is honestly a great idea for about 98% of people and this way you also can keep it simple and you don't have to hire a financial planner who will take some money off the top. This will be your best bet in the long run as long as you have self control and you're smart about investing your money

Sticking with the safest investments available will mean that you can even make a profit in a bear market where everyone else is losing money, which is also pretty dang cool

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