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Read The Story Behind The Video! Is The Worlds Largest Companionship & Activities Community created by members for members. Don't see an activity you like, create your own. Everybody needs a company, no matter what their age. Basic Stitch Membership is FREE Or Save 25% on a Full membership by using discount code: Z5CUFD Join and start living your best life after 50.


I joined basic level Stitch during the summer of 2019 in Chicago and attended four fun events already. I learned being a champion means, asking yourself how you can bring members in and what type of Activities can you create. Video production is a Fun hobby for me. I also write Fiction & Non-Fiction books. I combined them all while presenting my informative non-fiction book titled, ‘HAPPINESS’ Now I get it. is a 50-plus non-profit created by Members for Members. Doing what you already love to do! I love this! Stitch members contribute positively to the community because they believe in it and want to see it grow. Start Living Your Best Life. Let’s Have Some Fun! Share this Video to All your Social Media Platforms & 50-Plus Environment.

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